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Resource Hunter 1.32

An effective tool for viewing, exploring, searching and extracting resources
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Resource Hunter serves as an effective tool for viewing, exploring, searching and extracting resources from any Windows format files. A user can explore through Windows PE resources without opening each and every file. The tool helps in copying the images displayed in Windows explorer by integrating this tool with Windows shell. Using this feature you can copy the image of an icon displayed in Windows explorer or on the desktop. This feature can also be used to quickly access the DOS prompt in a requested folder.

Resource Hunter supports animated cursors, bitmap, jpeg, avi and Windows file formats for viewing, searching, exploring and extracting images. Also these resources can be viewed in hex code and can be extracted as a binary file. This tool helps the user to view data directories, section headers and import / export tables and other PE format files. Using Resource Hunter, you can browse bitmap, jpeg, gif and cursor resources in thumbnail mode. The program can play AVI, Wave and Midi resources as media files.

Manoj Goel
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  • Serves as powerful resource explorer for Windows executable files
  • Helps to view resource images and to play resource as media files
  • Supports cursors, bitmaps, AVI and many other resources
  • Extracts image files


  • Cost is quite high
  • Better GUI with user interaction would come in handy
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